Best Quality and Value Protein Powder for Post Workout

My wife and I eat a 90-95% vegetarian Mediterranean/Asian-style diet. A lot of beans, tofu, fresh vegetables and fruit, some fish and a little dairy like yogurt and very small amounts of cheese. Chicken or turkey usually no more than once/7-10 days. We are very physically active and at very healthy weights. We exercise daily, currently rotating Rowing on a Concept2 rower, Strength workouts with body weight (with strength bands and a pull up bar and sometimes yoga) and Running outdoors. Pre-quarantine on weekends we'd trail run, hike, kayak, mountain bike, x-country ski and snowshoe.

We think we'd benefit from a protein powder in the 40 minutes post workout, especially on the days that we do a strength workout, as we think we aren't likely getting enough protein then. We'd sincerely appreciate your advice.

1) Do you suggest Whey or Plant-based protein powder? What are the benefits/downsides of each?

2) What are the best protein powders you'd suggest which are high quality and good value?

3) What are the best Plant-based protein powders, high in quality and a good value?

For plant-based powder, a friend suggested Vega Protein & Greens - a 25 Servings, 26.5 Ounce jar of plant based Protein Powder, Non Soy, Non GMO is $27.40 on Amazon (a bit more for some flavors). That's $1.10/serving, which seems expensive for what it is, but I have no idea what's out there in protein powder.