HKS Accountability Group April 18

We made it to another Saturday,

Thought for the Day:

"Meditation supports me to release painful stored emotions. By releasing the memories stored in my body, I can remain the observer. I am filled with peace and tranquillity."

I have finished the StayConnected Challenge and it was great fun having so many workout buddies from around the world. I am going to take the weekend off from workouts so I am well rested to begin the April FB Plus Challenge on Monday.

Today is foggy and cloudy. I am using the time to groom Gabriel this morning. Because once the sun pops out later and with Savannah gone this week I am going to be very busy planting the gardens, caring for the animals and cutting down fire hazards. So today is Gabriel's self-care day.

Hope everyone's weekend is relaxing.

Peace, love and harmony