Weekend check-in: Saturday ? April 2020

Hey there all you lovely Blenderbuddies! Saturday today and I have been given the honour of ghosting, YAY.... well for me, hopefully also YAY for you! The question mark in the title is due to the fact that I have absolutely no idea what date it is! I only just manage knowing the day, which is quite a feat in itself I reckon in this all-the-days-feel-the-same period!

Anyway talking about “feat”, what is your fitness feat today? Strength, hiit, cardio, pilates, rest, what are you doing/have you done today? Hubby and me (yes we have been accused of being “conjoined at the hips”.... we do so much together) went for a morning run. I decided to run with him for a change. We ran for an hour and then checked the distance afterwards. We ran 8.5k, so I am pleased with that. I did some lovely stretches after I got home and now I am on to brain workouts: learning some Swedish, listening to some Italian kids stories and after that relaxing nothingness: reading another book and sipping coffee in my favourite chair in the bay window!

I guess sipping coffee serves as a good enough link to.... food! Let’s talk food, although my culinary skills are not such that I can fill a whole paragraph with it! Eh... well, yes, my turn to cook, so it’s very likely going to be a last minute decision, when I walk into the kitchen and see what’s available. That will probably mean pasta or something like that. Sorry, I can’t be more inspiring on the food front lovely people ☺️!

The pic I added today is the view from my window.... this beautiful tree nicely in bloom. And as to kind of tree: well, will “a beautiful tree in blossom” do? I love trees but know zilch about them. As far as I am concerned there are: old beautifully gnarled trees, beautiful old stumps of trees, beautiful big trees, beautiful trees blossoming etc etc. Oops, this is turning into a bit of a silly ghost check-in. Therefore my last topic.... the Silly Saturday Subject!

My SSS is: show me what you are wearing on your feet right now and tell me about it! My feet are in the comments!

Well, lovely, amazing blenderbuddies: enjoy whatever it is you are doing today and tell me all about it! See you tomorrow!