Struggling with proper eating pattern

Hi FB-Family!

As many of us, I am currently working from home (lucky), which is great for me - I guess I am an introvert :) I am working out 6 days a week + 2 x in a week going for a run. I am in a pretty good shape, I would say I have some vanity pounds there to loose, something like 4 kg/8 lbs. I know that in my case my "diet" is to blame. I am eating healthy and clean, I prepare my food by my self, no sweets, no sugars (no pasta/rice/potatoes, struggling to eliminate bread), no soda. The problem is - I eat a lot, portion-wise! I feel like I am sooo hungry, all the time! And no, this is not stress-eating or emotional eating, I am just hungry! :) it sounds funny :)

So my question is, how to stop. I am drinking enough water, eating veggis and fruits, so it is not the case that I have not enough fiber. I have to admit I am trying to eat less meat, I would eat it once maybe twice a week.

I will highly appreciate your advises and opinions :)

All the best!