Come on in and have a seat. HOW ARE YOU doing? Mental wellness community check-in

It's been a ROUGH few weeks for me mentally as I've been struggling with loneliness, physical isolation (as we all are during Covid quarantine), and concern about the future. I am literally by myself as I moved to a new state for graduate school in the fall and have yet to build a solid community. The socializing I typically would get would be seeing people I know in passing, classes, daily movement, etc. I am an introvert and enjoy solitude, so the fact that loneliness has been hitting me so hard is a new experience. Thankfully, the last two days have improved massively. I had a wonderfully cleansing conversation with a friend for a few hours and was able to talk about things of interest that I haven't been able to discuss with anyone. I am more and more connected to my loved ones through technology, but it isn't a great substitute since that's all I've had already since I moved here. Nevertheless, taking what I can, staying prayerful, going on walks, and treating myself kindly has made the last two days so much more joyful and peaceful. Classes are coming to an end and I've been lacking focus to the extreme; I'm unmotivated to do coursework as it feels trivial during such a time as this. But, I was able to get some work done yesterday, even if only a small bit. Today I'm feeling peaceful and encouraged to do a bit more. I've been keeping up the workouts but it's been hard to be motivated to do anything! But, we all know that exercising does wonders for mental health and I continue to find that to be true.

I miss normal life and I feel intense grief over our present condition.

How are you doing?

Please keep posts apolitical; I've seen enough political vitriol to last me a lifetime. This is a space to connect and share your feelings about how you're managing or struggling to manage during this difficult time, not a place to sling poo. Thank you :-)