Working out with a chronic illness (POTS)

Hi all,

I am feeling quite discouraged because of the limits I have due to chronic illness. I suffer from POTS (an illness to do with blood pressure regulation with sudden postural changes). I already do all of the low impact versions of the exercises, as even landing too hard when I jump can cause a flare up of symptoms.

Today I attempted one of the HIIT workouts on the FB Low Impact Round 2 program and could only get half way through before my body was at its limit. Even the low impact versions of the exercises were too much today as there was a lot of bending and standing involved. I wouldn't say I had a flare up of symptoms, but the warning signs were there.

How do other people on here with chronic illnesses manage the (sometimes huge) gap between expectation and reality? I feel like I should be capable of so much more than my body lets me do.

I am only just getting back into exercise as of the last few weeks and can feel myself losing interest because I just can't do a lot of the exercises because of my limits.