How to Workout and What to Eat During Ramadan?

Hey FB Family! How's everyone doing in self-quarantine?!

So, every year, Muslims reserve one month for fasting. This month helps them get closer to God and to truly be able to feel the pain of other people who may not have been given the same luxuries of food, and are not sure whether or not they will get dinner on the table. I feel that this is a great tradition as it truly helps us realize how lucky we are to be getting the food we have and to be living so well off, and it also encourages us to support charities that potentially make life better for the people who are in need.

The problem that I am faced with every year is that, after all of the fasting and binge eating, I gain a lot of weight which is often discouraging and just plain horrible to have to deal with. Here's a little break-down of what a day in Ramadan looks like:

1. You have a meal in the middle of the night, around 4-5 AM, and this meal is supposed to sustain you throughout the fast.

2. You then fast from around 5 AM down to late 6 PM (No food or water)

3. You then break your fast at around late 6 PM and have a full meal

Like I said, every year because of the binge-eating in the middle of the night, alongside the binge-eating when the fast is broken, I end up gaining a load of weight. So my questions to the entire FB Family are: What should I eat in the middle of the night that will help sustain me and prevent me from binging later on in the evening? When would be the best time to workout (HIIT, Strength Training, etc.)? How do I fit in my daily caloric requirements without having a surplus of calories or too little calories? If any of you have any sort of insight as to how I should go about acing this month, then please feel free to do so, your advice is highly appreciated :)