Animals and fitness.


I think it's appropriate that we paws and take a moment to appreciate our furry friends. "But Jesse. What could animals have to do with working out?" you may be asking. Well, let me tell you!

I was sitting on my perch the other day , scrolling through FitnessBlender. com on my phone. It suddenly occurred to me that something seemed fishy. There's not enough videos on here featuring Loki! "Hold on just a doggone minute," I exclaimed. Surely this could=ant be. I looked harder.

"Hoo'd have thought it," I thought to myself as I realized I was right the first time. Now, believe me when I say this is an issue. You can trust me. I'm highly koalafied. If that doesn't dispel your doubts, well, that's simply irrelephant. Ewe might feel offended by this but I have the moves like Jaguar, so shush.

Anyway, it's a scientific fact that puppers and doggos are the best thing ever. They have numerous stress relieving benefits just from their friendly presence alone, and we all know sometimes working out is just plain stressful! Especially for beginners. Why is FitnessBlender holding out on us? It's un-BEAR-able.

Without doggos, it is again scientifcally proven that we would descend into pure panda-monium. Sorry to all the cat lovers out there by the way. It's just science, nothing purrsonal.

Whale, anyway. That was my rant. I hope all of ewe took something away from this. I know it was a bit seal-y of me to rant like this about something so minor. Some of you might see it as an otter disgrace. To which I would hippothetically reply that I'm more sofishticated. Anyway, hey if anyone wants to get together and discuss doggos alpaca lunch. We'll make a picnic day out of it. I'll be sure to include fresh baked pugtatos.

I'll see you all next time for another installment of Jesse's Wonderful Advice and Musings. If you can think of a shorter, more concise title for these things let minnow. Show your evidence that it's indeed better with a G'raph please, otherwise I'll assume you're kitten me. I'm sorry if this offended cat lovers. I didn't do it in porpoise.