Hi blendfriends! Over the weekend I was in a minor cycling accident. I am totally fine, but I skinned a good portion of my right side including my arm and leg. With this quarantine, I had a really good schedule going. I'd workout in the morning before work, then over lunch I'd go for a bike ride to get some fresh air and sunshine. This schedule helped me greatly in battling the monotonous struggle of staying home all the time.

Now unfortunately, I don't think I'll be exercising for at least a week or more. And I need to get my bike repaired so no cycling either. I can't really move my arm much at all as the scrape is on top of my shoulder. And I can't spend too much time on my legs/knees as those are cut up as well.

So my question for you friends, what tips have you discovered during this quarantine that keep you sane that isn't exercise? I am really worried I will get depressed if I'm unable to move my body. Any advice you've learned over the past few weeks?

Thanks :)