Thank you Kelli and Daniel


Kelli and Daniel,

Where do I begin? At the start I suppose.

I began working out with you guys in 2012. I was a college student, desperately homesick on a foreign exchange year. I was in a country that didn't play any of the team sports I was used to and I didn't have the money to join a gym and then I found you.

Over the years following your programs my confidence and strength has soared. You helped me realize that my relationship with my body and food just wasn't healthy. Your attitude and honest talking slowly helped me to address the problem, before I decided enough was enough and I sought medical help.

I injured my back very badly and couldn't walk for a while but knowing there were beginners exercises I could start again one day got me through those months. (I messaged you saying that once, I made absolutely no sense because I was full of morphine and you *still* replied because your customer service is incredible!)

I used to work out with you guys everyday, now it's much rarer but for a good reason. You convinced me to lift heavier and heavier and led me to a new passion; powerlifting.

Little by little you've helped to completely change my life, time and time again! I am so grateful for everything that you do and so happy that you didn't give up.

Your perseverance has paid off, the new website is amazing. It's easy to use, has great new features and looks beautiful on mobile and desktop. It's a better job that a lot of huge corporations manage! Well done!

I can't cram four years of thanks into one message without choking everyone on the cheese but maybe others can help with their stories?