8 week update on learning to intuitively eat!

Week 1-4 was basically a free for all binge. I wasn't really listening to my hunger and didn't know what fullness was. I was over stuffing myself on all the things I didn't "allow" myself to have for the last 3 years or so.

Weeks 4-5 and part of 6: I was going 2-3 days super "clean" and basically just eating what I was eating when I was restricting calories, then for 3-4 days I was eating more than I felt was normal but I was actually feeling hungry.

Weeks part of 6 to 8: I am starting to sense my fullness. I have been eating my breakfast and then eating around 2 hours later. I normally eat an apple with my coffee and its perfect. (Before I would try to eat every 4 hours.) I am getting a lot more variety by listening to my body. This week alone I had avocado toast with a fried egg, Kashi and yogurt with raspberries, Egg white oats with apples and almond butter, PB on toast with yogurt.

After I eat I have been paying attention to see how I feel after some foods/ how my body feels after eating them.

I have been taking a pause after I eat dinner to see if I am still hungry before getting a smaller portion.

I do still struggle with knowing when I am perfectly full. Sometimes I under eat and have to have a snack and other times I over eat slightly, so I'm just a bit over full. But over all I'm starting to learn how full feels for me.

I have noticed that some days I am super hungry and I eat everything and then the next day or day after I am not as hungry and tend to eat less. I have noticed if I have a less balanced meal, say just pizza, the next meal seems to balance out that one, the day I had pizza for lunch, I only craved chicken and veg for dinner.

I was worried to add working out back because I have a long history with over training to "reduce" the amount of calories I ate. I finished week 1 of FB30 and I feel amazing. I have been listening to what my body wants after a workout and I feel so strong and well fueled!

For the last week and a bit I haven't been craving junk food as much. I noticed when I am really craving it, it is normally because I have waited too long to eat and my body wants an easy calorie source. I have had a chocolate bar here and there and was totally happy with just having one. I haven't tried to keep cookies or anything in the house yet because I don't think I'm ready to be able to stop when I'm satisfied yet. But hopefully soon!

OH one thing I have noticed is when I am getting full, the food seems to stop tasting as good?

(Just for background: I have been off and on diets since I was 5. I'm almost 27 and I just really want to learn to stop eating when I'm full and not to be obsessed/ disordered with food.)