1000 Calorie #workoutcomplete and a sweet treat



I have completed my first 1000 Calorie work-out this moring! I'm so proud of myself!

The only other time I tried a 1000 Calorie work-out was a few months ago, and it didn't go well at all. First, I couldn't even finish the whole work-out, I got only to 3/4 of it; second, I was so out of breath that I hit pause a LOT of times; last but not least, I caused myself an injury!

This time, though, I made it! I did the whole video, constantly pushing myself, pausing only at the waterbreaks and modifying only twice (sorry, that round of applause still eludes me, and I couldn't ask my body to do FULL push-ups after almost an hour of exercise). By the end, I wasn't even very winded :) I'm so happy!

Today being Sunday, my mother did a serious cooking session and even baked my favourite cake! It was a good way to celebrate my achievement, so I indulged in a slice :) Delicious and deserved!

Happy Sunday to all of you!