We're all in this TOGETHER!

Hello, FB Family! How's everyone doing?

I just wanted to know that you are all safe and share a little bit of something from my personal life and say a huge thank you to FitnessBlender.

For the last couple of weeks it has been one hell of a ride for us all. People are stressed out about theit health and lives in general and it definitely is hard sometimes to squeeze a workout in. I could talk on and on about how difficult it is but I'm happy that even at home, we all have the opporturnity to work out and, for at least couple of minutes, think about something else.

Me and my family we all work in integrated rescue system and during these days we all work ridiculous hours. My dad and brother are both firefighters, my mum is a nurse and I'm a police officer and we work almost every single day.

Despite this, we all have decided that since we all work in dangerous spheres and we can catch the virus really easily, it is better for all of us to stay in our homes as much as we can and that we will be working out together. At the moment, I'm doing FBSweat, mum and dad are doing FB Low Impact and brother is doing FBMass. These all might be 4week programs and it will definitely take us more than this to complete, but we said to ourselves that we can do it to improve our health, lower the risk of being infected and strenghten our minds because it is not easy for anyone..

I just wanted to share this and wish everyone the best. Times are harder than usual but WE'RE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER and we can overcome it!! I hope you are all safe and fingers crossed it will be over soon so we can move on with our lives and turn everything back to normal.

Also, huge THANK YOU to FitnessBlender for doing what you're doing. You are a big help and everyone in my family loves you and looks up to you.