Thanks Fitness Blender

So, I've never really posted here but have been working out to fitness blender since 2014 and really consistently since 2016.

My weight as an adult was always trending upward and I could never get a real handle on it because my general concept of nutrition was just so bad. My thoughts were eat chicken, count calories and be sad or eat everything.

I would count calories, get my weight down and think I was magically cured.

In 2016, I purchased FB Fit and joined weight watchers. I've consistently worked out since then. Weight watchers and their point system helped me prioritize my food choices, and I've gotten down to my goal weight.

Although, I don't really follow the weight watchers plan anymore because my ultimate goal is to get to a place where I can eat intuitively (and this is getting better with each passing week). I know I'll be working out along side Kellie and Daniel for as long as they keep this great resource going.

So thank you for being a voice of reason in a time when "fitness"advice and products are being thrown at you every where you turn and for inspiring me to continuously try and be my best self.