A quick look at the relation between food and exercise.


We all know the basics of clean eating. Carrots instead of chips, an apple instead of a bear claw. But how many of you realize you can still go further? "How?" you may be asking. Well let me tell you!

Working your core can give you the motivation to change your apple-tite for the better. I like to throw in a bit of Tai-cheese here and there for the meditative benefits. You could engage in a friendly game of squash, which is a good way to enjoy some avocardio.

Now, I know that the tantalizing smell wafting out of your local pizzeria might be extremely tempting. While there's nothing wrong with partaking from time to time, lettuce romaine calm. The marketing around those places is a real pizza work and I think it's healthy to taco 'bout these things. I think we can all agree we tomato-ally love fitness, and if we stay the course we'll have people staring at our mussels.

Okay. I'm sensing some hostility at this point. I know this has been painful to read through, but can't we just all get oolong? No? Okay. Relax. I'll manGO. You don't need to get all salty. It was rice to meat you. Omelette slide the fact you don't appreciate my views. I'll just go somewhere over that whey.