Thank you... simply just thank you!

Today it's exactly 18 months ago since I did my first Fitnessblender workout. So I wanted to take a second to reflect, share results from those (sometimes tough!) 18 months and mostly say THANK YOU. I've been struggling with my body and body image since I was a teenager really. I've done long distance running, weight lifting & mountainbiking to get healthy and feel better since then, which has all been okay. But it wasn't until I started Fitnessblender's workouts (3 times a week HIIT sessions) that I started to see real results. It's a never ending journey, but it's thanks to your always friendly, motivating and fun video's that I feel só good today. I've cursed you at times, haha, but I always end the workouts with a smile. So thank you Kelli & Daniel!!! Keep up the good work and continuous power and love to you. Cheers and greetings from the Netherlands.