FB Booty2 / FB Flex

For the month of March I decided to combine FBbooty 2 and FB Flex. I had lost 130lbs with FB and good eating back from 2103 to 2015 and I've been maintaining ever since. I found I quickly gained back 15lbs and I was happy at that weight (145 lbs). This past September some major bad circumstances happened and I just feel apart and emotional eating is my crutch. I also stopped working out almost completely (normal for me is 4-6x weekly). I think I just cried for 4 months straight.

January came around and I found myself coming alive again and recognizing the weight gain. I was up to 160 lbs. I was not comfortable anymore and tbh non of my clothes were fitting. So I decided to get back my health. I use calorie counting for my eating. I know that it is semi-controversial, but it works well for me and really helps me control my overeating. I stick to around 1500, plus eating back what ever I burn off. And I got back to my love and therapy sessions with Kelli & Daniel.

I got down to 153 during January and Feburary. The photos attached are from March 2nd to today (April 2nd). I am so glad I took before and after pics. The scale is such a fickle little thing. I "only" lost 1.4 lbs during this past month, yet I lost a total of 4.25 inches. 1 inch from my belly, 2 inches on my butt/hip area, 1 inch from 1 thigh (weird right, lol), and a quarter of an inch from my waist. Even better I've noticed how much my endurance has increased this months. I am lifting heavier and pushing harder. And I am feeling amazing, health wise!

This coming month I am going through FB Booty 2 for another round, but instead of FB Flex on the off days I am picking more cardio based workouts. I am excited to see what effect that will have.

Well, I am feeling proud and wanted to share my results and remind those who are struggling to take your moment, let the grief in and do its thing and you'll find that the sun comes out again and you can start to breathe again.