New FB Plus Challenge now available: 2 Week FB Fit

Hello FB Family!

How is everyone? We are sore and happy over here today. We filmed the new 1000 calorie workout yesterday (for 6 million Subscribers) and it went really well 😊 Now we're editing like mad in time to have it ready for you this Sunday. Don't miss it!

We've just pushed live the next FB Plus 2 Week Challenge - this one has the theme of FB Fit. This Challenge will be available through the month of April. Then, in May, you'll have another new Challenge. Do you have any ideas of what you might like next month's theme to be?

Also, a new FB Plus workout is going live early next week. This will be Day 4/5 of the mini workout challenge we've been sharing there.

I guess we have been busy 😅I think our whole team is glad to have something positive to focus on right now.

Lots of good stuff coming your way! Take care and make sure to make some time in your day for some smart movement and self care.

PS we are listening to your feedback and are currently doing some bts work on ways to allow you to mark "Challenge Complete!" Watch for that new feature in the future.