Second trimester - getting back to fb

Hey everyone 🤗

Thank you so much for supporting me by reading this.

I'm a mother of three (+1 in training 😉soon to join the crew)

and a returning FB fan

I've stopped working out after trying to put sleep as a priority as apposed to waking up early to workout

I have found out by doing so that cardio is much more important for me personally

Sadly by trying to put sleep as a priority I have gone back in a major way

And now that Im cleaning kitchen cabinets sitting on tiled floor

I am also set back from a4 to a 2 but also my whole body aces...

What's for sure is that I am proud of myself for getting back on track

Andi loooooove being again a part of you

FB fam


Thank you for reading this and by doing so being here for me