FB Burn Round 2 complete...but I don't know how I feel

(sorry, I feel like this got longer than I intended, but I'm having one of those days.....oh, and I should also write a paper and study instead, but hey.)

I just finished the last day of FB Burn Round 2. I started right the day the program came out after kicking the year off with a 5 Day Challenge. I had to reschedule a couple of days when I was sick or travelling. Some days I had to put in some extra stretching or recovery workouts when I felt signs of overtraining or reschedule extra credit challenges to days when I had more time to complete them. So far I only missed one workout completely (the core burnout on Day 24; however, I did the extra credit challenge that day which was 25 minutes plus a 15 stretching routine) and two extra credit challenges.

I do feel somewhat accomplished after committing to the program. I did round 1 about half a year ago. Toward the end of 2017, I became sort of sloppy with scheduling workouts by myself (sometimes I would only do 2 to 3 workouts a week which didn't really push my boundaries that much, so I was kind of lying to myself because I did "something", even though it wasn't very effective). However, I felt more accomplished when I did round 1 back in the summer than I do now. I didn't take my measurements or before/after pictures and I don't believe in the scale, but I felt like my clothes fit more loosely back then and I expected the same thing to happen now. I definitely feel stronger and more confident; I just wish I would burn more fat and lose like one more clothing size (I lost two over the past two years). I eat as clean as possible but I also don't want to quit sweet things and adult beverages all together (it's not like I eat chocolate and drink alcohol every day, but I live in Germany where coffee&cake and beer is really part of the culture).

So basically, I feel like I hit a plateau. I changed my lifestyle two years ago and chose to be fit and healthy. Back then, I was really drinking too much, eating too much fat and sugar (and not paying attention to what I was eating in general), not exercising at all and I was just a very insecure person from being overweight my whole life. So FB really has changed my life for the better and I'm definetely the most fit I have ever been right now. I need exercise and healthy food in my life and I'm proud of the progress I have made so far. But I also really want to become leaner and lose more fat. At the same time, I feel like sticking to a meal plan or a strict diet without any sugar or alcohol would compromise my quality of life. I also haven't figured out if I'm taking in too many or too few calories for the amount I'm training. So any advise on this would be greatly appreciated. I'm also really interested if you guys had similar experiences at some point. Thanks for bearing with me, haha!