6 Million Subscribers - A milestone

Hello Beautiful People!

We hit 6 million Subscribers on YouTube! That’s 6 million people in the Fitness Blender Family, worldwide. The crazy thing is that only 20% of the people who use our workout videos are actually subscribed to our YouTube channel. Needless to say, this is a very big family ❤️

Again and again, we are so proud of you all. You lift one another up, go out of your way to be helpful - whether it’s a quick word of encouragement or a lengthy, thoughtful response to a new member’s questions on how and where to start. Now, with the rapidly changing, uncertain world that we’re currently living in, it has come as no surprise at all to us that you are still providing support and encouragement to one another. It might sound cheesy, but watching the kindness that happens in these forums on a daily basis is a bright spot during challenging times. We have so many different walks of life in this Community! And yet here, everyone happily and easily puts aside their differences to help one another become happier, healthier individuals. It’s wonderful.

We are grateful to be able to work with and for you. We are also grateful to have work that excites us, and lights us up. Ten years into this, our small team of two has turned into a small team of six, and we have more new ideas than ever.

Ten years ago, we never would have dreamed that our work would have so many eyes on it, or that someday this Community would exist as it does. We worked on Fitness Blender on the side - late nights and early mornings before and after our regular jobs, for three years before we were able to support ourselves on FB alone. For the vast majority of those first 3 years, we had no reason at all to believe that FB would ever work. That people would find, use and like our content, or that it would ever support us. We just kept at it, anyways. We frequently wonder & ask ourselves “what in the world were we thinking, and why did we keep going??”. We still don’t know what it was, but we’re glad and grateful that we kept pushing forward.

We hope to be able to keep you moving, and staying healthy, for years to come. Thank you for being on this ride with us.

❤️Kelli and Daniel

PS We are spending this week working on the new 1000 calorie workout to celebrate! It will be available here onsite & on our YouTube channel on Sunday, April 5th.