Fat Burning Cardio Workout to Tone (High & Low Impact Modifications)


For those of you new to online workouts and working out from home, you might be wondering how much you can do without all of the equipment and machines you normally have access to at your gym.

Well, the good news is that you can do so much with just your own bodyweight. In fact, with routines like this fun bodyweight cardio workout, you can scale difficulty easily. What this means is that you can use it to work up a light sweat on an active rest/recovery day, or you can make simple modifications and turn it into a real sweatfest.

The exercises you’ll find in this routine are great for burning fat and toning up, but they're also incredible for increasing balance, coordination and control over your own body—something most exercise machines and fancy equipment just cannot give you—functional fitness.

Anyway, we hope that you are all staying safe and healthy. Let us know what you’re up to today and if you try this workout, we’d love to hear what you think.