Butt and quad growth - pictures!

I've had a tough couple of days, mentally. I've felt like a stranger in my own body. I occasionally suffer from spouts body dysmorphia when I feel significantly bigger than I am and fail to see all the process I see when my brain works normally.

I was browsing through an online blog I used to keep for myself for well over a decade and stumbled upon an entry from 2014 that you see on the left in the attached image. I had lost around 11 kilos at that point and did it all by cardio and cleanish eating. I felt good about my appearance, but now looking back, I was just skinny.

Now, in 2018, I have gained almost all of that weight back. Some of it in form of fat, for sure, but I think a large proportion of it is muscle. I look stronger, my posture is better, and damn look at that butt! Even my quads are nice and round now. Four years difference, not all of it working out consistently, but definitely some really nice changes happening. Sadly my I still have to fight my own mind, but looks like my body is winning some battles. :)

I just wanted to share and I really love the atmosphere in this forum so can't think of a better place. You all rock!