FB Sweat- Day 8- Total Body Stregth + HIIT


I completed my workout for today. But I didn't do the extra credit for today because, I didn't have the extra oomph to do it and my mom said that I should have done it. After the workout I cleaned the Alpaca pen, had my breakfast, hung my clothes, called my grandpa, hung my sheets, and did the piano not exactly in that order. This afternoon I have been working on my Art 1 that I couldn't do for last week, because I was at my dad's house. So now I am working on it here at my mom's house so that way I can get it done and turned in to the teacher. I am going to busy all week because I have so much schoolwork to do when I am not going to school. So it is kind of a bummer when you can't really go anywhere and you have to stay in the house, unless you are going shopping or going to the doctor. But other than that people will just have to make the best of it until they get told when, they can come out of there house and be able to go somewhere to have some fun. A lot of my friends from school are upset because they can't go anywhere, and have some fun with there family and friends unless they do it inside or outside the house.