Fb Abs r1 complete


Today I finished FB Abs r1 with the extra credit. I skip those most of the time because I workout in the morning and have about 40 minutes. But since I had no work today, I thought, might as well. I somehow missed march 7th, so I did those workouts on the 13th. Up next is a Booty and Flex split. Doing Flex on monday and thursday, Booty on tuesday and friday and will probably add core on wednesday. My yogateacher is also sending workouts so I can do those on saturday.

I normally don't workout in the weekend, but with me not working on saturday and spending more time indoor because of Corona I think I will add some activity on saturday as well.

Not shown in my march calender are the (almost) daily walks with my son. We try to walk 45-60 minutes each day.

Have a great weekend everyone!