Modifying workouts


Hi Blenders,

Just thought I'd share with you how I modified my workout today. Maybe it'll give some ideas to other people or someone will have another suggestion to share.

I'm doing Abs 2 at the moment and today was day 19:

I really like this workout, but if you've done it before, you know it's a real beast, and I was not up for that much intensity today. Here's why: yesterday was the upper body descending reps workout. I loved it and really pushed myself to lift as heavy as I could, which is great, I'm happy. But I went a little bit too far (probably on the pullover or the overhead press) and my neck is hurting, definitely not the good kind of pain. Nothing too serious, it's already a bit better, but I did not want to risk making it worse, so I decided to do today's workout without dumbbells, that would have put pressure on my shoulder/trapezius area and tired my already sore arms. Instead I used ankle weights and a band above my knees when possible and it was great! Less intense, yes, but also less tiring for my back, etc. I also replaced the deadlifts with leg lift extensions/hamstring curls (don't know how to call them) and the bridges with reverse leg lifts, again to put less pressure on my neck.

Just wanted to share to show that it's always possible to adapt and listen to your body. In the end, I got a very nice energizing workout instead of a neck and back tiring beast that would probably have made me feel worse (or no workout at all, which I didn't want either). Of course, I hope next time I come across this video, I'll be able to give it my all, but today was not that day, and it's okay.

Do you also modify your workouts sometimes? How? Do you have other ideas to share?

Take care of yourselves everyone, enjoy your workouts and listen to your body 😊