Safe, Sweaty, and Challenging!


Hi. I've reached out to this community a few times because I was struggling to adapt my workouts to accommodate some hip pain I've been dealing with. I decided to stay away from any weights for my lower body now. I've been worried about losing strength, muscle, etc. However, this week I had a breakthrough!

I decided that protecting my hips had to be the priority. I substituted my lower body strength exercises with a circuit of bodyweight only split squats, lateral band walks, glute bridges, side leg lifts with a resistance band, and added at least a 15 minute hiit (modifed as needed). It was a great workout! My butt, hamstrings, and quads were on fire and I had a good sweat between the strength and the hiit. I'm so happy!

I'm going to keep thinking of ways to modify my routine to meet my body's needs. My goal is to workout 5x a week despite my hip issues for the next 8 weeks. I'd like to be able to increase my circuit from 3-4 and my reps over that time to keep pushing myself.

I'm grateful for all I've been taught through FB because I may not have known how to adjust and keep training.

Love you guys!