Beet Reubens??

Yes. Beet Reubens. That's what my husband made for dinner tonight, and I helped by making "fries" that weren't fried at all. Carrots and yams tossed in garlic and olive oil and parmesan cheese baked in the oven. The beets we roasted, then sliced and marinated and grilled for the "meat" portion of the sandwich. My 10 year old loved it. My 8 year old picked off the beets and just had a sauerkraut and cheese sandwich. I'm fine with it. Fermented things are trending now, right? And at least he tried it. I hated beets at his age too. Tradition I guess? Anyway I highly recommend making this. It's far less guilt than the fatty pastrami and can be made vegan if you negate the 1000 Island. Happy eating! ^_^