Fitnessblender is the new Gym Class!

In our part of the world, school was cancelled until April 6th so that means a crash course on Homeschooling for us public school parents. Luckily, my kids have Google Classroom and/or a learning packet so the academic material is at hand. As for "specials" i.e. art, music, gym, etc. there was not much emphasis on these equally important areas of learning.

Of course, my 10 year old wants to do Art Class every day. I know she detests Gym at school, but when I asked her if she would do Fitnessblender for Gym Class she answered with a resounding YES! The kids are with their dad this week, but when they return I'll take some pics of "Gym Class" Fitnessblender style.

I'm still working, but I just heard our restaurants and bars were ordered to close today. I hope everyone stays healthy and finds positive ways to cope. For me, it will be valuing family time and getting creative with healthy habits.