Without the Pics - Who Would Know?

You didn't see this coming? 😉 Well, neither did I.

It took me a while to find the pics from the (almost) same angle for the comparison because I don't like taking photos. I tend to avoid stuff that makes me look big and tired – photos, mirrors, and scales. 😅

Long story short, before coming back to fitness, my skin and hair were more problematic areas (for inner me) than any of my other body parts.🙄 I don't use any products (!!) and I didn't change much nutrition-wise, but still – every small step counts – apparently. 👍

I had a rash very often. My face had a lot of pimples and blackheads. My skin overall was very dry and often itchy, there were flares involved as well. (on the pics) 😳

My hair suffered too, it was dull and shineless, and fragile as well. But I need more time to find some pics to show...

Until then, the bottom pic shows how my skin looks now – perfect if you ask me!😊 (Though, I was thirsty at the time.😅)

Thank you! 🤗