Daily Check-in: Thursday, March 12th

Welcome to your Thursday Check-in everyone. Or as I like to famously call today; Friday Eve.

So, tell us what is going on. The workouts. The food. The feels. Give us the pulse of you. A heartbeat of your day.

I am feeling a bit better today. My sore throat has chilled out, but now I'm getting all the coughs that provide such wonderful extra credit ab workouts like nobody's business. Safe to say, no workout from me today. Getting better is my main game, and thank you guys for the well wishes yesterday. A cup full of them goes a long way for the spirits. ..But as always, tell me how you are doing your thing today.

For the picture today I have a bug in the dirt. I've always called these metallic green and red colored guys, June Bugs. Even though it's not June. And they are a variety of scarab beetles. They can be brown or more green depending on the area as, "June Bug" is a catch all term. They do this hole in the dirt thing to lay their eggs.

Now who isn't hungry after talking a little bit about bugs? You know, I have eaten bugs before. Intentionally. They were dead and cooked, so not one of those oops I swallowed a bug scenarios. Although that has happened too.. Okay, come on, somebuggy better start talking about all the food out there. I'm keeping it simple; chicken and veggies. Delicious, quick, and nutritious. Can't go wrong with hitting all three of those factors when it comes to eating. So let's read how you are hitting 3 or maybe 1 of those food factors today.

And almost forgot to talk about who wants to ghost (guest host) for the weekend! Pulling from the pool of volunteers, Jacqueline, if you would like, do you want to guest host this weekend? Per usual, let me know! And also per usual, anyone interested in guest hosting for the weekends, speak up and jump in my ghost pool!

Okay guys. I hope you all are staying as safe and sane as you can be out there, modify accordingly, and as always, have as great of a day as you can!