Taking a rest day

My body really needs a rest day... so I took one. I did HIIT and lower body strength on Monday, and yesterday I did upper body strength followed by a 1 mile run with my husband. Neither of us had gone running in years, so I am feeling it today all over! My upper body routine ended up working my core as well, so literally all of my muscle groups are talking to me. Plus it's *that* time of the month as well so I really just needed a break today.

For dinner, ate a nice mixed greens salad with tomato, avocado and black beans and some fresh raspberries on the side...even though what I really want is Taco Bell drive thru. Going to have a nice relaxing evening at home watching movies with the hubs and kitty cat =)

Hope everyone is having a nice day and taking a rest day if they need one, like me!!