Thinking of food almost every minute awake? :|


I'm starting to get really bothered by this and i don't know how to change it. I literally think about food all the time, even when i'm having my meal i'm thinking when my next meal is and what will i eat then.

Is it my boring lifestyle? I don't have much to consume my mind at the moment, so i fixate on this?

Is it that i'm trying to lose some weight, so in an effort to plan all my meals and not end up having junk food, i keep thinking about it constantly?

The thing is, even if i lose the weight, i don't think these thoughts will stop, just like that.. I will still have to try and plan things, to maintain my weight. So i don't believe losing weight will make this issue go away.

It's not that i get hungry, or miss eating stuff. I just think about it so much. I kinda do the same with workouts, spend so much time thinking and planing.

I just can't make my brain live in the moment!!!!!!!

Anyone been through this and found a way out?