Many Milestones Met

Hello there! It's been a while. Hope you all are well.

I hit some milestones/achievements I'd like to share!

First of all, program complete!! I delayed a few days here and there and eventually finished my third program in three months :) I had the hardest time with motivation getting through this one, but I pushed through and did it.

Secondly, I hit my first goal weight! My weight had stayed around a 172-175 for years, including the months I was working out. I just figured my body's natural state was around that weight range and kind of gave up on reaching my goal of at least hitting the 169s. But for some reason, maybe my metabolism picked up or something, maybe I was subconsciously eating different, I started losing weight towards the middle of the program and I finally hit my first goal weight! And then Valentines day hit and I ate a LOT of sweets and wine, so.... up it went again, haha. But it was nice to know I can achieve that weight. And right now, I'd back at that weight :) My next goal is 165, my weight in college a few years ago. I won't pressure my body to lose weight, but if I do, it'll be a nice little cherry on top. :)

The last milestone I'd like to share is getting my mom to move! I've always wanted her to start exercising, but she's never had the motivation. But I managed to convince her to do a short amount of stretches with me, and now we've managed to do stretches together for a few days! She agreed she'll do it after coming home from work to stretch out. She used to take a yoga class a few years ago and during the stretches, she'd be like, "Oh yeah, we did this at yoga class!" and after the stretches, she'd just spend time on the floor doing some extra stretches she's learned. It's fun to see her excited and it feels like we have a nice bonding time despite our busy lives. And the cats love being around us while we stretch so we get laughter in there as well, while they block our way.

p.s. I've stated here before that my goal is to do a full push up some day in my life. The status on that is, I can't do a full one yet, but I can go lower :)

Now onto the next program! I took a week off because my joints were struggling after completing the last program (I think i may have been using too much weight- my joints are generally weaker even if my muscles are strong, so I have to account for that more.) but now I'm back on the grind, being more mindful. :)

Take care, everyone. Thank you for reading.