Fitness, Swimming & Coronavirus

Hi FB Family! Hope you're having a wonderful day!

so recently, because of the coronavirus outbreak, all schools where i live had had to shut down which also meant that our swim team could no longer train. I tried to look at the silver lining which was that I could take this time off and improve my endurance and once we started training again, I would have maintained my fitness level or I would have been faster. So i decided that i would do FB Fit since the estimated time was 8 weeks of, well, not going anywhere since we are strictly prohibited to go outside which means I can't go to the pool. Anyway, so a week into FBFit and I realized that the workouts were actually very easy as compared to my swimming and I was starting to question if I was pushing myself hard enough? So now I'm wondering if I should ditch FBFit and start scheduling my own workouts which I deemed to be hard enough, obviously scheduling it in a way so that every part of my body is worked out every week. Or if i should just stick with FBFit and push myself harder? Also, because I can't physically go to school, I don't get the amount of exercise I would usually do through my every day life, so I was wondering on how I should balance this out with my workouts because I don't want my fitness level to decline and I don't want to put on any weight just because I'm not moving enough.

I would appreciate any and every piece of advice you guys could give me because these are tough times and I need help!