Passed a big health test!

Not every year, but sometimes I need to go with my students on their big, week-long field trip to the US East Coast, which is always a huge physical strain. We are on our feet for 14 hours a day and walk an average of 10 miles each day. Last time I went, three years ago, my body literally could not handle the stress and I had a lot of physical issues, especially at the end of the day.

This year, my job shifted, and I got put *in charge* of the trip! Not only was I going to go, but I had to put in the extra hours of planning for weeks ahead of time, and had to manage so many details... major stress!

Fortunately, I've been steadily working with FB for a year and a half. That, coupled with some smart dietary changes, meant that I was generally healthier going into the situation... but would it be enough?

Yes, yes it was! I got back on Sunday feeling healthier than I ever dreamed possible after a week of nearly nonstop physical effort! I'm so grateful to Fitness Blender, and the community, for all it's contributed to my health, physical and mental! I could not have managed the East Coast trip without this place. Thank you all!