Us versus Time | Daydreaming-wondering stuff :P (@work)


Hello everyone :)

I notice lots of people here workout in the mornings, and read a lot of you have to wake up at times like 4am to do so?

I'm currently struggling to wake at 7am to pull it off, but irrelevant to my point.

It feels really hardcore to wake at 4am.

All my life i hear, here and there, about how its better/healthier for us to wake up in the morning and not sleep all day and then wake in afternoons (in lazy college days for example). That to function properly we need to have some morning light you know? Not be awake only during dark hours.

I don't know if there is any truth to that, i was wondering if any of you think there are optimal times we should be sleeping, based to experience or research? Could it potentially be better waking up at 8am rather than 4am for example. Maybe its related to country/location/daily sunlight etc?

OR maybe we can do whatever we want and the times we sleep have little or no effect overall.

As for me i don't know i feel the lifestyle of our grandparents, waking up 5am, eating lunch 11am etc might feel outdated but it has some sort of sense.. The feeling of seeing the sun go up in the morning, as you start your day is kinda priceless.

IF you could make life as you wished, what times would you rather wake up/sleep? And when would you like to go to work and return, and how much time you think is enough and efficient for a person to work?