2 weeks in FB Burn round 2 and......


Already seeing changes and feeling great!

I did the whole30 challenge back in November and was pleased with my weight loss however....i did NOT exercise the entire time. Although i am an active mom of a toddler i didnt do any fb workouts. Heres the thing....i gained ALL my weight back after going back to normal eating. And by normal eating i mean back to a less restrictive but balance diet. All you people who have done the whole30 know what im talking about. So heres what im getting at...I am simply following this program AND eating in a balanced way AND not depriving myself of much needed alcohol in evenings and weekends and i swear i feel and look better in 2 weeks of this program vs 30 days of restricted eating and no exercise. This may not be the case for everyone but for me its all about balance in food, time with family, working out and of course living life. If i have the courage perhaps ill show some before and after pics. Were off to Hawaii in 3 weeks! Have fun guys!