Back in business!!


So for about six months, I was out of commision due to gallstones making me sick and the onset of endometriosis making everything hurt! It was rough, add that you the flu going around the house for a while and it was not a fun time!! I tried to keep eating healthy even if I didn't have then energy or the lack of pain to allow me to exercise, but I will admit that I fell off the bandwagon quite a few times. Mostly because I was so sick from the gallstones that most of it came right back up anyway, figured might as well enjoy the unhealthy stuff while it wouldn't stick around! HAHA But the gallstones have evacuated, and I am on a great new regiment to keep the endo under control until they go in a remove it (and possibly my ovaries with it, we will see). I am so happy to be working out again! It's a little frustrating that I'm not up to par with where I was before getting sick, BUT I will get there. One day at a time right? For now, I will just keep on trucking along and be greatful that I am able to get back into the swing of things again! I MISSED MY WORKOUT COMPLETE!! :D