I watch this every time I feel discouraged

Hi! This is the first time I write here and it's curious how nervous I'm feeling but here it goes: Two weeks ago I went through a very, very difficult and trying situation that deprived me of sleeping and eating and so my stomach shrunk and my head felt so heavy. I don't want to go into details, but my disordered mind (I have been battling for years with an eating disorder) began to feel "wonderful" at this "weight loss". And, you know, with these things you're always divided in two: there is the part of your mind that wants to keep losing weight until you look "perfect" and there is the other part of your mind which says "don't be a fool, you've come too far to surrender to illness again". So this past and present week are proving to be so challenging for me, with these two sides of my mind battling constantly and my body readjusting to eating and working out again. But I remembered this video (https://youtu.be/VM99CXSPcVM), Kelli's story, and just how helpful it was for me when I was at my worst some four years ago. It came out just when I needed it more and I recall I turned to this video each timeI needed to hear what it says. I have watched it at least two times this week and it's just a reminder of how everything is a promise if you put your effort towards it.

Sorry if it was too long and vague... I don't know if this will reach Kelli, but either way I want to thank her very deeply for sharing her story. It's amazing how we humans can feel so touched when other people's lives or portions of lives seem like our own, with little details altered here and there... And, well, since I am here and all of that, I also want to thank all the Fitness Blender team for being always so honest with us. (And sorry, too, if there is some grammar error in this text, English is my second language, if not the third!)