Avo Toast

I just zested a lemon on my avocado toast and it was amazing! Although the entire time I felt like I should be blogging about it while waxing my mustache. I don't have a mustache or a blog, but I felt quite Hipster. I did Instagram it though, so maybe I am a little bit Hipster. Anyway, just thought you all should know. I finished day 2 of the FB 8 week, and (HIIT&Cardio 40 minutes, plus the bonus terror...100 squats) and I'm trying to get better about eating more frequently. Seriously with children and life and all I forget to eat...no judgement I blame my father who can also go long periods of time without food. Must be our Viking heritage. Long story longer that's why I made Avocado Toast and put lemon zest on it and it was good.