My Non-Scale Victory

Hi fellow Blenders,

Just wanted to share this NSV of mine; I realised my legs look slimmer and more toned from the picture taken at the beach last Saturday, 29 Feb. Wanting to do a comparison, I dug out an old photo taken back in 2018. Wow, I’m surprised at the change myself because I weigh heavier on the right, 63.5kg vs around 59kg in 2018.

So far, I’ve done Low Impact Round 1, Bored Easily and Fit Round 1 since last Oct after a knee and elbow injury but I’ve felt disheartened and discouraged many times because the scale is moving so slowly. Think I’ve only lost about 1 kg plus? I then read through the Before & After Stories in the Community forum and found some much-needed motivation to continue working out despite the scale not moving much. Guess part of the reason is also my hormones being out of whack since I’m already in my late forties (that perimenopause phase).

Now that I see this change in my legs and possibly some in my arms, I’m determined to continue working out for a fitter and stronger body and quit focusing on the arbitrary number on the scale. I’m currently in the midst of alternating Blend and Abs Round 1 together with doing Reach at night and I’m loving all the workouts!

I know I still have a long way to go to have the body that I want (like Kelli’s) but I also know that consistency, determination and a positive mindset are important to help me achieve this. Learning how to eat mindfully instead of villainising any food group is crucial as well as what Kelli and Daniel have often mentioned.

I hope that what I have shared can help to motivate anyone who’s facing an uphill task of losing the weight shown on the scale by focusing on all the non-scale victories i.e being able to lift more, looking more toned, having more flexibility etc.

Thank you for reading and thanks Kelli and Daniel for all the awesome workouts and positive talk! Really appreciate it.

Have a great week ahead! 😊

Cheers from sunny ☀️ Singapore!