Work-out complete and food struggles


Today I'm both proud of and disappointed in myself.

The weather is so dreary that at first I couldn't get myself to exercise this morning. Actually, it was rest day of the FB Fit, so I could even be excused, but my mood was so low that I thought a #workoutcomplete would boost it. Well, I ended up doing some 50 minutes of mixed moderate intesity cardio, which left me huffing and puffing and feeling a bit better.

Fast forward my post-workout meal (lunch) and I literally gobbled down my whole daily calorie intake... :( The only thing that consoles me is that at least I kept to my macros ratio, so no junk food at all and plenty of veggies and lean proteins and healthy fats. Still, I should have left half of what I ate for dinner, and it feels like a terrible failure. I'm planning to have a wide array of steamed vegetables tonight to make up for it, but the problem is there.

I'm struggling with eating clean these days. Part of it is the hateful scale, weekly reminding me that all my hour-long work-outs are for nothing; part of it is my measuring tape, which is smugly echoing what the scale says. I'm trying to stay strong, but sometimes it's just so very difficult.