My 1st anniversary with FitnessBlender + which program to use next?

Hello everyone!

So 1 year passed since I found FitnessBlender and I can say this year really changed my mindset about workouts and healthy lifestyle. I know there aren't very visible differences in the pictures, I lost only 2 or 3 kgs since last year, but I gained much more strength, I'm one pant size down, and I have a healthy relationship with food as well. 1 year ago I could barely lift my 3kg weights, now I easily do the same exercises with much heavier dumbbells. My stamina improved a lot, some level 4 HIIT workout seems too easy for me... :)

I'm very thankful for Daniel and Kelli that they taught me that health is not about how your body looks like, but much more about how you think about yourself, how you treat your body with the nutrients you need.

Next week it's my birthday and I hopefully get some heavier weights as a gift from my parents, so next year I might gain some muscle mass and I'll be able to show you a better progress picture :)

I still feel like my body fat% is higher than it should be, and I want to lose another 1 or 2 kgs of fat... Anyone has suggestions which program is the best to help me reaching my goal? :)