Found an old picture in my phone and I'm forever grateful for Daniel and Kelli and all of my FB family on here


Was looking through my phone and found this picture my daughter took of me. I didn't realise it was in my phone, and the horrible thing is, I know exactly how I felt in that moment. I took the kids to the park and after five mins I was tired and hot, but I didn't take my jumper off because I was so upset about my weight. So I sat down on the bench and I looked around at all the mums who looked so nice in their summer outfits playing with their kids and I don't think I've ever felt that kind of sadness before. I felt like I had let my kids down and that I was an embarrassment. I felt so alone and lonely because I was embarrassed to talk to anyone about my weight because I had gotten myself that way so why should I complain? It was my fault. I still have moments where I feel like that and feel like it's going so slow but I now know I'm 100% never getting that unhealthy again not just for me but for my kids. I'm 24 kilos down and mentally and physically I can be strong but it's a work in progress. Ive always had an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise, but the last four months I've been with fitness blender my mindset has changed and I now look forward to working out and planning my meals and I don't say no to things if I want them. If i hadn't of found Daniel and Kelli I can 100% say I'd be loosing weight in an unhealthy way eating little calories and over exercising, I'm just forever grateful that I can show my kids the healthy way to live. At first yes I was exercising a lot, but once I asked people on here for advise/help I now workout the correct amount so thank you everybody on here for your help and support I can't tell you all how much you all help. I hope kelli and Daniel know what an amazing place they've created for us all. Thank you so much xx