Experimenting with pull ups


Pull ups became one of my favorite exercises throughout the last months. I love how they challenge many different muscles and get the whole body under tension. I was pretty happy to get to three sets of ten by the end of last year, but I still want to get better at it, so I decided to try something I read on the internet: For four weeks I will do pull ups every single day, but on a lower repetition range and with long breaks in between. I started last week with five repetitions per set and I increase this number by one per week. My pull up bar hangs in the doorframe of my home office and I do one set whenever I pass this door, which leads to something between six and ten sets per day. I hope to improve my mind muscle connection, thus feeling more comfortable with the movement and improving the form. When the four weeks are over, I will test the maximum number of repetitions I can do and it already feels like I am making progress. Really curious to see the final results.