Workout complete & School Day


I completed my workout for today. It was a kickboxing and a upper body strength workout with Daniel, and my arms were feeling it. I thought that it wasn't going to be that hard of a workout, but it was and because it was my arms were shaking. But sometimes you just have to deal with the burn or the pain until you get through the workout, and then after that you feel better. I had a very busy day at school because, I had a lot of work to catch up on in my classes, because I wasn't at school yesterday. But now that I am all caught up in my classes, I am ready to do the work that we are doing in class and not have to worry about getting behind. All my friends can't believe that I am able to get caught up on my work that I missed yesterday, so that way I am all caught up. Some of my friends wish that they were as good as me on getting all there work done and caught up on, so that way the teacher isn't asking them if they actually did the work that they were suppose to do.