Daily Check-in: Friday, February 14th

Hello everyone. We've finally made it to Friday and it's Valentines Day/Friends Day to boot. Or maybe the following Singles Awareness Day is more your thing for those of us going solo right now. But whether you have a significant other currently in your life or not, these fresh heart shaped leaves from an Eastern Red Bud are for you today. Usually the flowers come before the leaves, so I guess this tree is a tad confused. I can't blame it; the weather is being weird.

What's not confusing or weird is how we feel after a workout. I must admit, I really really considered skipping that extra credit HIIT yesterday after the scheduled separate lower and upper body workouts. Hah, that's what putting HIIT last does to me. Plus it was extra credit; I didn't have to do it. But in the back of my mind I reminded myself that I wanted that challenge and I knew that those post workout endorphins would be waiting for me. So, mission accomplished. And I'm incredibly sore right now. So today is good for some core work.

Okay, but enough about me; what are you guys up to? Getting those post workout highs, hitting some personal victories, or enjoying a lazy day? All those option sound pretty good, but pick the path that workouts for you.

And then we always have the food to look forward to. Will there be any romantic themed dinners or treats going around today? .. Pizza is my jam for dinner. What can speak love more than that? I will also use today as an excuse to make some peanut butter candies. I don't do it often, but if a day like today is even remotely associated with chocolate, who am I to deny myself a piece or two (or three or four. Amount subject to change) of some homemade treats? It must be done.

Speaking of chocolate, you guys will have Magda as your amazing ghost this weekend, February 15 & 16th. Magda, I know there is much more to you than chocolate, but I saw an opportunity to link my paragraphs and I took it.

Okay, this is all I have for you today. I hope you dear Blendfriends ( © Shabnam) have a lovely day and nice weekend. Coupled or not; give yourself some extra love and take care of yourself. You are worth every penny. So make those bad ex days jealous and wishing they had you back.