Results for Fitness Blender Giveaway – February 12, 2020

Fitness Blender Family!

Another Giveaway is now complete!

We really enjoyed reading through all of your answers, but got super hungry doing so. Asking a question about your favorite foods was bound to do that! So, are you ready for this week’s winners? They are:

Lorena F (loreox19) — PowerBlock Dumbbells certificate

Michelle H (hothoney) — Fitness Blender Workout Program

Amy W (fb-462221) — Fitness Blender Workout Program

Congratulations to each winner. We really hope you'll enjoy your prizes.

Thank you so much to all who participated. These Giveaways really bring some much-needed mid-week excitement. And, we’ll have another Giveaway coming your way next week, of course, so stay tuned!

Fitness Blender Team