The best HIIT + Lower body combo so far! In love

So, today I did this HIIT and Lower Body combo! I haven't yet done this 2 together (in years of FB)! Actually, I always did this HIIT alone or combined with some 10min extra only, because well, it is a killer by itself!


But today I wanted to push really hard. I spend some time choosing the lower body one, a nd I'm glad I choose this one!! I know I've done it on the past, but it's been ages since! I don't know why I end-up forggeting this one, because it is GREAT!

All the dynamic moves, squat holds, and the pilates at the end was the PERFECT match with the level-5 HIIT for a VERY sweaty workout all the way, with the lower body on fire by the end!!!

I super recomend this combo!! And this lower body it's a GREAT one to combine with any other HIIT!